“For instance, the cupola of a certain construction had, according to all the data, to rest on four columns of a certain thickness and definite strength.

“But they placed this said cupola on only three columns; and the reciprocal thrust, or, as it is also expressed, the ‘reciprocal resistance,’ ensuing from the Law of Sevenfoldness for supporting the surplanetary weight, they took not from the columns alone, but also from other unusual combinations ensuing from the same Law of Sevenfoldness with which the mass of the ordinary be- ings of that time were also already acquainted; that is to say, they took the required degree of resistance of the columns chiefly from the force of the weight of the cupola itself.

“Or still another example; a certain stone, according to all the data established there both mechanically from long-centuried practice and also thanks to the fully conscious calculations of certain beings with Reason there, ought infallibly to have its definite strength corresponding to a certain power of resistance; but they infallibly made and placed this cornerstone so that it did not correspond at all to the mentioned data; but the strength and power of resistance for the support of the superimposed weight required on the basis of the Law of Sevenfoldness they took from the setting of the lower stones, which in their turn they did not lay according to the established custom, but again they based their calculations on the manner of laying the still lower stones, and so on.

“And it was just in these unusual combinations of the laying of stones, ensuing from the Law of Sevenfoldness, that they indicated, also by means of a conventional ‘alphabet,’ the contents of some or other useful information.

“This group of learned members of the club of the Adherents-of-Legominism further indicated what they wished in their minia-images or models of proposed constructions, by utilizing the law called ‘Daivibrizkar,’ that is, the law of the action of the vibrations arising in the atmosphere of enclosed spaces.