“Here it is interesting to notice that this definite period of the flow of time, namely, a week, has always been divided on your planet into seven days; and this division was even made by the beings of the continent Atlantis, who expressed in it that same Law of Sevenfoldness with which they were quite familiar.

“The days of the week were then on the continent Atlantis called as follows:

(1) Adashsikra (2) Evosikra (3) Cevorksikra (4) Midosikra (5) Maikosikra (6) Lookosikra (7) Soniasikra.

“These names were changed there many times and at present the beings there name the days of the week thus:

(1) Monday (2) Tuesday (3) Wednesday (4) Thursday (5) Friday

(6) Saturday (7) Sunday.

“Well then, as I have already told you, they then devoted each day of the week to the production of one or another specialty, either of their hands or of some other form of consciously designed being-manifestation.

“Namely, Mondays they devoted to the first group, and this day was called the ‘day-of-religious-and-civil-ceremonies.’

“Tuesdays were given over to the second group and was called the ‘day-of-architecture.’

“Wednesday was called the ‘day-of-painting.’ “Thursday, the ‘day-of-religious-and-popular-dances.’