“A brief interval was then allowed for eating, after which they all assembled again, and the second general meeting of that day continued throughout the night.

“Well, the unanimous decision was then carried, to be- gin the following day making what are called ‘minia-images’—or, as the contemporary three-brained beings call them, ‘models’—of various productions; to try to work out the possible and most suitable means of indication, on the principles laid down by the great Aksharpanziar; and thereafter to bring these minia-images or models of theirs to the club for exhibition and exposition to the other members.

“Within the following two days many of them already began bringing the minia-images they had made and showing them with the appropriate explanations; and they also began demonstrating every variety of those acts which beings of that planet had before occasionally performed in the process of their ordinary existence and which they still manifest up till now.

“Among the number of the models they brought and the various being-manifestations they demonstrated were combinations of different colors, forms of various constructions and buildings, the playing on various musical instruments, the singing of every kind of melody, and also the exact representation of various experiencings foreign to them, and so on and so forth.

“Shortly after, for the sake of convenience, the members of the club divided themselves into a number of groups, and each seventh part—which they called a ‘day’—of that definite period of time which they called a ‘week’ they devoted to the demonstration and exposition of their pro- ductions in one particular branch of knowledge.