“‘I personally suggest that this be done through the Universal law called the “Law of Sevenfoldness.”

“‘The Law of Sevenfoldness exists on the Earth and will exist forever and in everything.

“‘For instance, in accordance with this Law, there are in the white ray seven independent colors; in every definite sound there are seven different independent tones; in every state of man, seven different independent sensations; further, every definite form can be made up of only seven different dimensions; every weight remains at rest on the Earth only thanks to seven “reciprocal thrusts,” and so on.

“‘Well then, of the knowledge now existing which we have personally attained or which has reached us from times past, just that knowledge which we shall agree is useful for our remote descendants must be indicated in some way or other in the said human Afalkalna and Soldjinoha, so that in the future it may be perceived by the pure Reason of man by means of this great Universal Law.

“‘I repeat that the Law of Sevenfoldness will exist on the Earth as long as the Universe exists, and it will be seen and understood by men in all times as long as human thought exists on the Earth, and it can therefore boldly be said that the knowledge indicated in this manner in the mentioned productions will exist also forever on the Earth.

“‘And as regards the method itself, that is to say, the mode of transmission through this Law, in my opinion, it can be actualized in the following way:

“‘In all the productions which we shall intentionally create on the basis of this Law for the purpose of transmit- ting to remote generations, we shall intentionally intro- duce certain also lawful inexactitudes, and in these lawful inexactitudes we shall place, by means available to us, the contents of some true knowledge or other which is al- ready in the possession of men of the present time.