The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“At the present time, the duration of their existence may be from one of their minutes up to seventy or ninety of their years.

“And so, owing to all I have just said, however your favorites may exist, whatever measures they may adopt and even if, as they say, they should ‘put-themselves-in-a-glass- case,’ as soon as the contents of the Bobbin-kandelnosts crystallized in their brains are used up, one or another of their brains immediately ceases to function.

“The difference between mechanical watches and your contemporary favorites is only that in mechanical watch- es there is one spring, while your favorites have three of these independent Bobbin-kandelnosts.

“And these independent Bobbin-kandelnosts in all the three independent ‘localizations’ in three-brained beings have the following names:

“The first: the Bobbin-kandelnost of the ‘thinking- center.’

“The second: the Bobbin-kandelnost of the ‘feeling- center.’

“The third: the Bobbin-kandelnost of the ‘moving- center.’

“Even that fact, which I have recently often repeated, namely, that the process of the sacred Rascooarno is actualized for these favorites of yours in thirds—or, as they themselves would say, they begin to ‘die-in-parts’—proceeds also from the fact that, arising and being formed only according to the principle Itoklanoz and existing non-harmoniously, they disproportionately use up the contents, namely, their Bobbin-kandelnosts of these three separate independent brains, and hence it is that such a horrible ‘dying’ as is not proper to three-brained beings frequently occurs to them.

“During my stay there among them, I personally very often constated their ‘dying-by-thirds.’