The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“One system of Djamtesternokhi or mechanical watch contains a spring exactly calculated and arranged so that the length of the duration of its tension from unwinding may be sufficient for twenty-four hours; another system has a spring for a week, a third for a month, and so on.

“The Bobbin-kandelnost in the brains of beings existing only according to the principle Itoklanoz corresponds to the spring in mechanical watches of various systems.

“Just as the duration of the movement of mechanical watches depends upon the spring they contain, so the duration of the existence of beings depends exclusively on the Bobbin-kandelnosts formed in their brains during their arising and during the process of their further formation.

“Just as the spring of a watch has a winding of a definite duration, so these beings also can associate and experience only as much as the possibilities for experiencing put into them by Nature during the crystallization of those same Bobbin-kandelnosts in their brains.

“They can associate and consequently exist just so much, and not a whit more nor less.

“As mechanical watches can act as long as the spring has what is called ‘the-tension-of-winding,’ so the beings in whose brains the said Bobbin-kandelnosts are crystallized can experience and consequently exist until these Bobbin-kandelnosts formed in their brains—owing to the mentioned seven external conditions—are used up.

“And so, my boy, as the results of Partkdolg-duty were no longer thereafter obtained in the presences of your favorites, and the duration of their existence began to de- pend exclusively on the results of the seven accidentally arranged external conditions I have just enumerated, then thanks to all this, the length of their existence, especially among the contemporary beings, has become very varied.