The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“After what I have already said, there seems no need to say any more about the descendants of those Romans who were once so ‘menacing’ and so ‘great’ for the other com- munities there.

“Now let us talk about that particularly maleficent invention of the ancient Greeks, which is being actualized in practice at the present time by the beings of the contemporary community there, called England, and which invention they call ‘sport.’

“Not only have the beings of the contemporary community, England, namely, those beings who chiefly actualize during the process of their ordinary existence this particularly maleficent invention of the ancient Greeks, added, thanks to its maleficent consequences, one more sure-fire factor for shortening the duration of their existence—already trifling enough without that—but also, experiencing in their turn at the present time the greatness of their community, they are in consequence authorities for the other three-brained beings there; and, furthermore, because they have made the actualizing of the invention in practice their ideal and its spreading their aim, they, at the present time, by every possible means, strongly infect the beings of all other large and small communities of that ill-fated planet with that invention of theirs.

“The basis for that very serious misconception there was the disappearance from the common presences of those favorites of yours of the possibility of the crystallization in them of those factors which actualize ‘logical mentation’ in three-brained beings.