The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“And when this chemical substance, called atropine, is in a certain way introduced into the eyes of beings the pupils become dilated and darker; and, because of this, most of them introduce this atropine into their eyes, in order that their faces may appear good and pleasing to others.

“And truly, my dear boy, those terrestrial beings who introduce this ‘German blessing’ into their eyes do have very ‘dark eyes’ until they are forty-five.

“I said until forty-five, because so far there has never been a case there when a being using this means could see and still continue its use after the age of forty-five.

“‘Alizarine,’ the fifth and last of the enumerated inventions, is also widespread everywhere.

“And that ‘blessing’ of contemporary civilization is used there chiefly by what are called ‘confectioners’ and other specialists who prepare for the other beings of that planet most ‘tasty’ articles for their first food.

“The confectioners and other professionals there who prepare the said tasty articles for the first food of the rest of your favorites use this same German ‘sure-fire’ composition, alizarine, of course unconsciously, for that purpose which has there already finally become the ideal for the whole of the contemporary civilization, which purpose is expressed in the language of our honored Mullah Nassr Eddin in the following words: As-long-as-everything- looks-fine-and-dandy-to-me-what-does-it-matter-if-the- grass-doesn’t-grow.’

“Anyhow, my boy, those contemporary substitutes for the beings of ancient Greece are already now a great help to poor Nature—though only in the process of decomposition—with all their practical attainments based on the ‘sciences’ they have themselves invented. It is not for nothing that our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin has the following wise expression: ‘Better-pull-ten-hairs-a-day-out-of-your- mother’s-head-than-not-help-Nature.’