The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“Having begun their practical researches with this aim in view, one of them soon discovered that if this gas is concentrated in a pure state in such a way that it could be freely liberated in any given space at any given time it could easily be employed for the mentioned aim.

“That was sufficient, and from then on, this gas, artificially isolated from the general harmony of the actualization of Everything Existing, began to be liberated in a certain way into space by all the other ordinary beings of that community during the processes of reciprocal destruction, just when and just where the greatest number of beings of other, as they are called ‘hostile’ communities were grouped.

“When this isolated, particularly poisonous cosmic- substance is intentionally liberated into the atmosphere under the said conditions, and when striving to reblend with other corresponding cosmic substances it happens to enter the planetary bodies of three-brained beings nearby, it instantly and completely destroys their existence, or, at best, permanently injures the functioning of one or other part of their common presence.

“The second of the chemical substances I enumerated, namely, ‘aniline,’ is that chemical coloring substance, by means of which most of those surplanetary formations can be dyed from which the three-brained beings there make all kinds of objects they need in the process of their ordi- nary being-existence.