The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“This took place, on the one hand, as I have already said, owing to the constant influence of both these communities, and, on the other hand, owing to that peculiarity of their psyche—common to all the three-brained beings of that planet, and already well fixed in it before this—which is called there ‘imitation.’

“And thus, little by little, these ‘inventions’ of those two ancient communities have brought it about that already, at the present time, the psyche of your favorites—shaky enough already before then—has now become so un- hinged in all of them, without exception, that both their ‘world outlook’ and the whole ordering of their daily existence rest and proceed exclusively on the basis of those two said inventions of the beings of that Greco-Roman civilization, namely, on the basis of fantasying, and of ‘striving-for-sexual-gratification.’

“Here it is very interesting to notice that although, as I have already told you, thanks to the inheritance from the ancient Romans, ‘organic-self-shame’—proper to the three-brained beings—has gradually and entirely disappeared from the presences of your favorites, nevertheless there has arisen in them in its place something rather like it. In the presences of your contemporary favorites there is as much as you like of this pseudo being-impulse which they also call ‘shame,’ but the data for engendering it, just as of all others, are quite singular.

“This being-impulse arises in their presences only when they do something which under their abnormally established conditions of ordinary being-existence is not acceptable to be done before others.