The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“But when some time later there appeared and stood at the head of what is called an ‘army’ that completely formed Arch-Vainglorious Greek, the future Hasnamuss, Alexander of Macedonia, then from that time on, there began to proceed that clean sweep of the last remnants of the results of the very saintly intentional labors of our now Common Cosmic Most Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash, and again there was resumed, as it is said, the ‘old-old-story.’

“Although every time the place of the center of culture of your favorites, those strange three-brained beings, has been changed, and what is called a new ‘civilization’ has arisen, and each new civilization has brought for the beings of succeeding epochs something both new and maleficent, nevertheless, not one of these numerous civilizations has ever prepared so much evil for the beings of later epochs, including of course the contemporary epoch, as that famous ‘Greco-Roman civilization.’

“Without mentioning the large number of other mi- nor psychic features, unbecoming to be possessed by three-brained beings and now existing in the presences of your favorites, that civilization is mainly to blame for the complete disappearance from the presences of the three- brained beings of succeeding generations, and especially of the contemporary beings, of the possibility for crystallizing the data for ‘sane-logical-mentation’ and for engendering the impulse of ‘being-self-shame.’

“Namely, the ‘ancient-Greek-fantastic-sciences’ caused complete atrophy of the former, and the ‘ancient-Roman- depravity,’ of the latter.

“In the early period of that Greco-Roman civilization, the said maleficent impulses, which have now become being-impulses, namely, the ‘passion-for-inventing-fantastic-sciences’ and the ‘passion-for-depravity,’ were inherent in the Greek and Roman beings alone; and later, when, as I have already said, the beings of both these communities chanced to acquire the said strength and began coming into contact with and influencing the beings of other communities, the beings of many other communities of your unfortunate favorites gradually began to be infected by these peculiar and unnatural being-impulses.