The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“And there already on the continent Asia, they began spreading that maleficent influence of theirs, first among beings populating the western shores of that continent— in whom, as I have already said, being-impulses for a more or less normal being-existence had been implanted during centuries—and afterwards, they gradually began advancing into the interior.

“This advance of theirs into the interior of the continent Asia proceeded very successfully, and their ranks were constantly being increased, chiefly because the learned beings who had been in Babylon then continued everywhere on the continent Asia to infect the Reasons of beings with their Hasnamussian political ideas.

“And they were also helped very much by the fact that there were still preserved in the instincts of the Asiatic beings the results of the influences of the initiates and priests, disciples of the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash, who in their preachings had inculcated, among other things, one of the chief commandments of Ashiata Shie- mash which declared:

“‘Do not kill another even when your own life is in danger.’

“Profiting by all this, these former fishermen and shepherds were very easily able to advance, destroying on the way all those who declined to worship the ‘gods’ they themselves had finally acquired, that is to say, their fantastic ‘science’ and their phenomenal depravity.

“At first these ‘sowers-of-evil’ for all the three-brained beings there of all the succeeding generations, arising on the continent Europe, and especially the Greeks, moving into the interior of the continent Asia, acted if slowly nevertheless effectively.