⥫ Gurdjieff Oskiano ⥭

Session 1: September 20th 2023 (@12.00pm CST)

Gurdjieff and Kundabuffer

Food for the Moon


Robin Bloor

One of the more perplexing ideas described by Gurdjieff is that, in some way, an organ called Kundabuffer was once implanted in Man, causing him to “see reality upside-down.” Although the organ was later removed, its consequences persisted and man is thus still under its sway.

The purpose of the organ was to distract Man from the realization that he was destined to provide food for the growing Moon, which he would inevitably do at death, although he could voluntarily do so through being-Parktdolgduty.

This talk by Robin Bloor discusses the whole topic, examining the narrative given in The Tales, discussing the names and actual meanings and identities of the Most Holy High Commission. It also provides a theory to explain how men at death feed the Moon, in respect of what substances do this and how they pass to the Moon.

Finally the talk summarizes the criticisms of Man made by Gurdjieff, both in respect of the consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer and the defects in Man that are his direct responsibility.