“Emotions are the windows of the soul, colored glass through which
the soul regards the world.”

~ Gurdjieff

Dear Recipient

In this first issue of The Lost Herald, we begin three series of articles. One focuses on how to read Gurdjieff’s writings, particularly The Tales. The second is a step-by-step discussion of Objective Science. The third is a series of readings most of which have a spiritual edge. Each new issue of this, what is called “webzine” will include one episode of each. Beyond that, there will be occasional articles and what is called “news,” should any take place.

The Editor

The Gurdjieff Legacy

Gurdjieff has no precedent. This becomes crystal clear when we step back and take a comprehensive view of his legacy—the sum total of what he left behind for the world to ponder and explore. By any reasonable measure, it is extraordinary, in both its depth and breadth. Before we provide an inventory of his work we need to…

How To Read The Tales

This series of articles intends to provide readers with information that may assist in reading All and Everything Gurdjieff’s collective writings. Many people find Gurdjieff’s writings difficult; significant effort is required even to read the First Series, Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, just once. Gurdjieff provides the following advice…

Objective Science 101

Before we discuss any aspect of objective science we need to acknowledge two features of our behavior. The first of these is that we are suggestible. If someone who we deem an authority in any given area of knowledge passes us information, we are in the habit of believing it. We often do so without even pausing for thought…

The Camel Seeker

If you have lost a camel and sought it busily, how could you not know, when you find it, that it is yours?

What is that straying camel?

You have lost a she-camel: she has fled from your herd into a veil of concealment. The caravaneers have begun to load, but your camel is lost and has disappeared from the midst of the caravan…

The Straying Camel

Gurdjieff’s Hydrogens Vol 1

This book provides a fresh, detailed explanation of the fundamental ideas that Ouspensky introduced in In Search of the Miraculous, which were described by Gurdjieff in Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson in a more obtuse manner. It starts out by discussing contemporary science and its conceptual foundation. It then draws a distinction between its approach and what Gurdjieff describes as objective science. They are different approaches based on different principles.

It moves on from there to provide a detailed discussion of scientific…